Upcoming Events

22/Nov 2023

Wildcard quintet, At The Coach House, Brighton (Alan)


Past Events

15/feb 2023

Wildcard quartet, Rosehill Tavern, Brighton (Alan)

5/feb 2023

Worthing Tape Orchestra, Bar Orange, Worthing (Alan)

4/feb 2023

unspecified unspecified unspecified, Hundred Years Gallery, London (Tom)

19/nov 2022

"water table" performance - New Amsterdam, Worthing, UK (Alan)

november 2021

screaming at the void, Bergen, Norway - online installation for the Piksel festival

29/aug - 1/sep 2019

"Maelstrom" and "The Gong People" premiers Busan, South Korea

23/mar - 7/apr 2019

Windchime installation, TOTeM, Worthing, UK (Alan)

29/mar 2019

TAPEStry launch TOTeM, Worthing, UK


Noiseferatu vs SpeakersOnStrings,TOTeM, Worthing, UK


"Windchime" performance,TOTeM, Worthing, UK (Alan)


Punkish Noisish all Dayer,Bar42, Worthing, UK (Alan)


"SoS", Hackoustic, London, UK


"n:m", Santa Cruz, USA


"RunningSong", Oslo, Norway


creators of the electric bullroarer_ _and other feedback instruments_

Situated sound -- <P we explore the interaction between the environment and pErførmance_

multi-phonic spatialised
te><tures using electromechnical acoustic feedback with contact mics, suspended l0udspeakers, corporal induction and signal processing. Dissonant resonant harmonic noise, &amp: the electric bullroarer.

-- alan & tom