Selected Works

공명 사물놀이 - The Gong People

Gongmyeong Samulnori - The Gong People (resonance samul nori)

Samul nori is a traditional Korean folk music with four performers playing a large gong (꽹과리, Kkwaenggwari), a small gong (징, Jing), an hour-glass drum (장구, Janggu) and a bass drum (북, Buk), which represent lightning, wind, rain and clouds. Normally these instruments are thought of as percussive. We use surface transducers, contact mics and processing to set up feedback loops through our own versions of these instruments to reimagine them as evoloving resonators while still evoking the spirits of lighting, wind, rain, and clouds.

This piece was performed as part of KISS 2019 in Busan, South Korea

Screaming At The Void

Screaming At The Void was an on-line interactive installation inviting people to vent their frustrations through the cathartic and Scandanavian practice of shouting. Their shouts were digitised and virtually sent across the internet as packets of data bouncing off distant servers. The resulting delayed, scrambled reply was played back. The void has heard you.

It was exhibited as part of the 2021 Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway.

n:m altered states

An improvisational composition performed using acoustic and electro-magnetic feedback through a tree.

Performed in 2018 at Santa Cruz, USA

Henry Cowell State Park

We took the electric bullroarer on a road trip along the west coast of California to record situational compositions.

2 4 forest

A work for two microphones and four speakers in the forest.

a was refund RIGHT

"together but separate" is a cycle of 52 remote improvisational collaborations exploring the theme of separation during lockdown. This piece is for processed bike brakes and guitar.

sea rock

An early situational piece performed on the beach in Sussex.

forest snow

The wind shakes the snow from the trees.

tree wind

A piece using a double loop of filtered feedback.

Noisevember 26

One of a sequence of daily compositions created throughout the month of November, 2020.

A flute and piano are convolved with a bowed 6 metre nylon fishing line

Noisevember 29

A wide-band radio on a hill performed through swarming resonators

The Tilt-flute

A demonstration video showing the "tilt-flute", one of the feedback instruments we have created.

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