Kyma training and mentoring

I'm providing online individual coaching sessions and small group classes in Kyma.

Kyma Courses

From January 2021 I'll be running a series of weekly online Kyma courses. The courses take place over 4 weeks. There is a 2-hour online teaching session once a week on a Friday at 16:00 UTC. Some self-study tasks are set and there is support over slack during the course. The numbers are kept low (5 or 6 people) to make it really participatory and collaborative.

I create a syllabus for each course but, with the small group, there will also be the opportunity to look at your areas of interest. In the first session I ask everyone if there's anything particular they'd like to cover and we'll do our best to look at those too.

Course Schedule 2021

Introduction to Capytalk (8th January)

We'll be covering:
  • Math(s) and logic
  • Time functions and synchronisation
  • Arrays
  • The event model, debugging and avoiding duplication

Cost: 240 (GBP) for the 4 week course.

Introduction to Smalltalk in Kyma (12th February)

  • Core Smalltalk concepts - objects and messages
  • Arrays and lists - collect: etc
  • Generating Capytalk
  • Flow manipulation and advanced replication

Cost: 240 (GBP) for the 4 week course.

Microsound, sound particles etc. (19th March)

  • Using a time index
  • Frequency and timing manipulation
  • Using audio buffers (MemoryWriters etc)
  • Working at sample rate

Cost: 240 (GBP) for the 4 week course.

Introduction to Kyma

If you're interested in a general introduction course to Kyma aimed at the beginner send me an email. When there's enough interest I'll put a course and date together. If there's a lot of interest I may run a beginners course along side the courses above on a Thursday. The cost and duration would be the same as the other courses.

Individual Coaching

I currently have only 1 slot left available for 1 hour individual Kyma coaching sessions. I do this online using screensharing and video conferencing. The program is completely tailored for you. Generally I'll set some homework or suggest a direction for self-study during the week. I'm available on slack chat if you get stuck. Then we meet up online once a week or every two weeks, discuss what you've done then look at what you want to do next. It's a hands on approach. You'll be doing everything in Kyma yourself, sharing your screen while I'll be helping and guiding you.

Cost: 60 (GBP) per session.

If you'd like to book on a course or inquire about the coaching sessions email me:

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